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Angry Birds

Angry Birds focuses on multi-colored birds which try to save their eggs from green-colored pigs, their enemies. Firstly, the game was only available on IOS Devices. Later, the company published the game for Android, PCs as well as for Symbian Mobiles.


While the game was under development the swine flu disease was in the news, so the crew decided to use pigs as the opponents of the birds.

The Angry Birds Movie

Besides being a popular game, An animated feature film based on the series was released by Columbia Pictures in the year 2016. Angry Birds Movie completely anthropomorphizes the characters for the first time in franchise history, giving them limbs and voices. Developed, produced and financed by Rovio Entertainment.

The movie was directed by animation veterans Clay Kaytis and Fergal Reilly in their directorial debut. John Cohen and Catherine Winder served as the producers and Jon Vitti wrote the film’s screenplay. Rovio also hired David Maisel who was formerly executive producer of Marvel Studios films. David Maisel also worked for Iron Man Movie previously.

Game History

This list includes all games of The Angry Birds Series

#1 Angry Birds (2009)

It primarily involves shooting birds into pigs’ fortresses.

#2 Seasons (2010)

Holiday-themed levels.

It was also originally released as Angry Birds Halloween.

#3 Rio (2011)

Tied with the films Rio and Rio 2.

#4 Friends (2012)

Features Weekly tournament and was also made available on Facebook to play with friends.

#5 Space (2012)

Just after 1 month of Angry Birds Friends, Space was released with perfect Space physics.

#6 Star Wars (2012)

Star Wars – The Third game launched in the year 2012 and all of them were popular in the market.

#7 Star Wars II (2013)

It was the first game compatible with Hasbro’s Telepods, that allows the player to summon a specific character in the game

#8 GO! (2013)

First ever Racing Game in Angry Birds series.

#9 Epic (2014)

features turn-based RPG combat and gear and item crafting system.

#10 Transformers (2014)

Tied in with the Transformers franchise.

A shoot ’em up game.

#11 Fight (2015)

Match birds to gather power and then defeat the enemy.

#12 Angry Birds 2 (2015)

Pick the birds to launch into the pigs’ fortresses in multistage levels.

#13 Action (2016)

The primary game to feature the birds in their movie looks.

#14 Blast (2016)

Pop balloons to free the Angry Birds.

#15 Evolution (2017)

Angry Birds Evolution is a turn-based RPG game similar to Angry Birds Action.


#16 Match (2017)

Match items and accomplish missions.


#17 Blast Island (2017)

Players can gain stars to sweep up or fix various things on the island.


#18 Dream Blast (2018)

Dream Blast Uses ball physics

All in all, Angry Birds team is constantly improving games. They have launched 18 games in 10 years.

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