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Angry Birds Full collection includes Angry Birds, Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds Star Wars II, Angry Birds RIO, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds

In Angry Birds, you will observe some angry birds which become furious when a group of green pigs steals their eggs. Now you need to control and guide these birds and recover the eggs. These pigs who have taken the eggs are under the lands. These lands comprise wood, ice cubes, and stone. You will need to eliminate every single pig in the level to complete the mission. This game is a physics-based sport, and it has got some Projectile motion in it. To have a perfect shot you need to launch the bird at an angle that most probably hits the beans.

Angry BIrds

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Angry Birds Star Wars

Within this version of Angry Birds Star Wars PC game, you have to ruin different targets. Which happens to be fortified in different fortresses. The targets could be in or outside that will depend on the side you choose which is either Birds or even Pigs.

This game is a bit different from other Angry Birds games as in this sport you can muster any pig or bird instead of their pre-established selection. There are nearly 30 playable characters featured in this game like Yoda, Mace Windu, and Jango Fett, etc.. The game has images and you’ll surely love this match.


Download Star Wars

Angry Birds Star Wars II

Download Star Wars II 

Angry Birds Seasons

In Angry Birds Seasons like in the first match, the player uses a catapult in order to throw the birds intending in hitting the targets which are the actors within this particular game. These pellets can be defeated if you shoot them. You might also choose another way if hitting directly isn’t feasible. You can hit various objects that these objects end up hitting on the pigs. The actors are weak at earlier phases but get stronger as you advance in the sport.

Angry Birds Seasons has four different seasons and every season has different level packs. A different level in this sport has different themes and as well as different gameplay.

Angry Birds Seasons

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Angry Birds Rio

You will see a modification that instead of killing the enemy dinosaurs you have to free the imprisoned birds in the cages. In this game, you’ll be fighting with the bosses of the game.

Angry BIrds Rio Free Download

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Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space contains more playing levels that have different aims and objectives. And since you progress in the game, it is going to get more difficult to clear the level. There’s a whole galaxy that expects to be explored. You are going to play almost 225 levels in this game that will be as exciting as its name implies. This match is a fantastic addition to the Angry Birds shelf of installations.

Angry Birds Space Free Download

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