Mount & Blade II – Bannerlord Trainer and Cheats

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To use cheat codes in Mount & Blade II – Bannerlord, All you have to do is edit a single file in notepad.

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord cheats are easy to use after you’ve made a quick edit to a single configuration file. While there isn’t a console to enter commands into, you can still use several different cheats to add any weapon or item to your player (and then sell them to get rich quick), teleport around the map, heal yourself, and win battles easily using a series of hotkeys.

The Mount & Blade series is deeply loved by fans, not just because they’re great RPGs but also because they’re great sandbox games. A lot of that is due to how flexible the games have always been: they can be modded and customized so fans can play however they want. Cheats are a big part of that, too.

How to enable Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord cheats

Step 1: open engine_config.txt file in notepad which is located in your Documents > Mount and blade II bannerlord.
Step 2: After opening engine_config.txt in notepad, search for line “cheat_mode = 0”
Step 3: Change the value to 1 and save the file.


Below are the key combinations that you can perform while playing the game.

Combat cheats

Ctrl + F4: In combat, knocks out an enemy.
Ctrl + Alt + F4: Knocks out the entire enemy army.
Ctrl + H: Heals you to full health.
Ctrl + Shift + H: Heals your horse to full health.
Ctrl + F2: Knocks out one of your own soldiers.
Ctrl + F3: Knocks out the player.
Ctrl + Shift + F3: Knocks out your horse (if you’re sitting on it).

Movement and map cheat

Ctrl + left click: Holding Ctrl while you left-click teleports you anywhere on the map you wish to go.

Free Download Mount & Blade II – Bannerlord Trainer

You can also download the trainer of this game by clicking on the link given below image.

Mount & Blade II – Bannerlord trainer


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