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Cricket 19 Review

Big Ant Studio will soon be releasing the Cricket 19: The Official Game of the Ashes. Cricket 19 features all formats of the international game for men’s and women’s teams.

Cricket 19 Cover

AI in Cricket 19

Developers have worked a lot on AI to make the game more realistic than ever before. When bowling, the AI will suss out your player and team’s weaknesses, and target that with a concentrated bowling strategy. When batting, the AI will rotate the strike to protect weaker players, and actively look for gaps in the field.

Another game called Fifa 18 has also implemented AI to make the game more realistic.

Cricket 19 Ground

Controls in Game

The controls are quite simple. Pick the batting direction and the style of stroke you want to play, wait until the bowler makes their delivery, press a button to hit the ball, and see what happens.

If everything goes to plan, you’ll score a marvelous six as the ball sails over the fielders and potentially gives some hapless spectator a concussion. However, if you’ve mucked about they’ll catch you out — howzat!

Bowling features a familiar system whereby a distance and power meter needs to be filled to the right level, whereupon the bowler makes their delivery, the batter attempts to hit the ball, and from there it’s up to the fielders to do their thing.



Every cricket stadiums in the game are digitally recreated. Here, Pitch looks a lot like another to me so any particular details the developers put in there would go sailing over my head like a particularly well-played ball.

A similar Cricket stadium can be found in Cricket Captain 2018.

Cricket 19 Player info

A new feature called Scenario mode allows players to recreate the greatest matches in history, and then share them online to challenge other players to achieve difficult run-chases or play out a draw from a disastrous situation. Enhancements to the career mode build a story around your player; how you look in the news headlines affects your potential career trajectory.

Cricket 19 on all Platform

Big Ant Studios will be releasing Cricket 19 for various gaming consoles like PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch allowing you to play both single-player and multiplayer anywhere, anytime. Additionally, A PC version will also be available later on Steam.

Unlike Big Ant’s previous game Big Bash Boom, Cricket 19 is a serious approach to the game. It has a great balance between the spirit of the sport while still being accessible and fun.

Real cricket involves a lot of standing around outside not doing a great deal, and Cricket 19 cuts all this tedium out to focus on the action while still including the spirit of the game’s famously relaxed speed of play.


Check out Game Trailer published by IGN on Youtube.


All in all, Cricket Lovers will definitely stick to this game. Furthermore, those gamers who don’t like cricket should also play Cricket 19 because it is made in such a way that everyone falls in love with cricket while playing this game.


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