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Tales from the Borderlands

Tales from the Borderlands is a science fiction computer game. Telltale Games published this game in November 2014. Check out Awards of this game on Wikipedia.

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Tales From The Borderlands Episode 5 PC Game is an episodic series which comprises of five episodes and it is developed by the developers of The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead series. The 5th episode is titled as The Vault of the Traveler. This game is set in a world which is cruel and intolerant and it is called Pandora. GTA 4 is also  an also an adventure game you may like to play.


Your main goal is to control Rhys and Fiona. Rhys is a Hyperion Suit who wants to be the Handsome Jack while Fiona is a con artist and she looks forward to slashing her best ever fraud. They are put into this venture without their permission. Now they are running for a rough trip where they will confront Gangsters, Bandit lords, Hunters, and some more obstacles.

Tales from the Borderlands Team

The final part takes the journey forward with the existing and some new characters. This journey is full of ups and downs. You will experience some sharp twists and turns. Jack has now been in control of the Helio’s system. Jack is all set to reclaim the position of the king which he deserved. You can Play as Rhys in his mission or as Fiona to complete her mission. The unique feature of this game is that it provides the element of choice so that this tale becomes as you want. All in all this game is very enjoyable and exciting.


This is how you may enjoy your game as shown in screenshots.

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Highlights of Tales from the Borderlands

Following are the fundamental highlights of Tales from the Borderlands that you will almost certainly experience after the first introduce on your Operating System.

  • It accompanies a fascinating storyline.
  • It has satisfying graphical subtleties.
  • An attractive experience of amusement.
  • Freedom to investigate the Borderlands as at no other time.

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