Prototype 2 (PC / PS3 / Xbox 360)

Prototype 2

Prototype 2 is revealed by Activision. This game is next part of the prototype. This game is a single player game. during this game, you’ll see gorgeous graphics and sound effects. The plotline of this game is extremely wonderful. The player can ne’er get bored while taking part in this game.

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Game Play

In Prototype 2 you’ll see a brand new protagonist. His name is James Heller. he’s the most character of this game. James Heller is within the mission to destroy Blacklight virus. The family of James Heller was killed by the black light-weight virus. Alex Heller, another protagonist is concerned with killing family of Heller. therefore Heller needs to require revenge on him. You can also download Mad Max 2 Game which is similar to Prototype 2.

An extraordinary issue during this game is that James Heller will modification the form of his face. With this advantage, he will take the form of anyone. This issue helps him for finishing his mission. during this game, you’ll see some real effects. The player also can use weapons to defeat enemies. Heller has additionally got a superhuman ability. This ability has several blessings for the player. Heller possesses several powers. a brand new power plant structure is additionally additional once Heller hits any object with plant structure it smashes into another object. Another power part is additionally additional with this power player will kill enemies. Heller will kill enemies in other ways. This game has only 1 potential ending.

Prototype Game Review and Trailer

Trailer From IGN



Game Review by IGN


Presentation: 6.5
Graphics: 6
Sound:  6.5
Gameplay: 8


  • Open world and action-adventure game.
  • Published by Activision.
  • Next a part of the Prototype.
  • Single player game.
  • Stunning graphics and sound effects.
  • The plot line is extremely wonderful.
  • Heller is that the main character of this game.
  • Mission to destroy Blacklight virus.
  • Take revenge from the enemy.
  • James Heller will modification the form of his face.
  • Some real effects square measure additional.
  • Weapons for defeating enemies.
  • Abilities like superhuman, tendrils and apart.
  • Only one potential ending.

System Requirements – PC Game

Minimum System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10
  • CPU: Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Minumum Hard Disk Space: 10 GB

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