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Kung Fu Chaos is a 3D fighting party game developed by Just Add Monsters and published by Microsoft Game Studios.

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KFC is the first game developed by the Cambridge-based developer Just Add Monsters. The game’s concept was co-created by design director Tameem Antoniades, producer Nina Kristensen, and technical director Mike Ball once the company was founded. According to Antoniades, the game was prototyped in three months using four to eight people.

KFC is a good single-player experience but isn’t nearly as enjoyable when your friends come by. That’s just not what a party game is supposed to be.


As much as I like the single-player modes, the truth is this is a multiplayer game. It’s a party game. And as such, it’s not so good. If you just want to enjoy this by yourself or possibly with one other friend, I’d say rent it first and test it out then buy it if you like it. But as a party game intended for four buddies at once, it’s a big no. So sorry, try again.

Kung Fu Chaos Cover

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