How to Remove uTorrent Ads

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How to Remove uTorrent Ads

uTorrent is the best app to transfer files. As it became famous, BitTorrent, Inc (owner of uTorrent) decided to create Pro version with improved usefulness. Pro version provides many good features and you can get freeform from Ads. µTorrent PRO can help developers and if the user uses a free version then also developers can earn money through promotion.


Ads in uTorrent consume more bandwidth so, it’s better to disable them. To use Ad free utorrent, They demand you to purchase PRO version but fortunately, you can make it ad-free without paying them.

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How to Disable Ads in uTorrent Free Version?

Open Options > Preferences > Advanced.

Now in filter box copy and paste below lines one by one and change their values

[(True > False) (False > True)]

uTorrent Advanced Panel

  • left_rail_offer_enabled

Disable it to stop Displaying Offers (Ads) in the left pane.

  • gui.show_plus_upsell

Enable or disable the “Plus” box shown in the sidebar.

  • sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled

This option displays new Offers by Bittorrent Inc located at the top of your main view.

  • bt.enable_pulse

Enabling this option effects rating, and disables comments too.

  • gui.show_notorrents_node

Displays a page in the sidebar when no torrents are active.

  • offers.content_offer_autoexec

When enabled, if the torrent offer (featured content) has autoexec flag AND is signed correctly by us, µTorrent will auto-execute the content.

Ads Free uTorrent

So here you have your clean uTorrent working like a Pro. All in all, You can save your bandwidth and also get rid of Advertisements. Check out some cool Games that can be downloaded via torrents.

Free Download uTorrent

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Download MAC Version 

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