Gears OF War Judgment

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Gears Of War Judgment

Gears of War: Judgment is a military science fiction third-person shooter video game. This game is developed by two great gaming companies – People Can Fly and Epic Games Poland and published by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox 360. It is the fourth entry of the Gears of War series.

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This game delivers the most intense and challenging “Gears” game yet, with a campaign that takes you back to the immediate aftermath of Emergence Day – the defining event of the “Gears of War” universe – for the very first time, and tests your mettle in highly-competitive new multiplayer modes.

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The main campaign is divided into six chapters, each with several missions. Unlike the previous games in the series, which used very large, open environments, missions are self-contained portions of the overall story and returning to earlier missions’ settings is never possible.

Gears Of War Judgment 4

Each mission is scored on several criteria including the number of kills by the player, head shots, and gibs, and up to three stars are awarded. During each mission an optional, harder setting is available mandates certain criteria such as a time limit or a restriction on usable weapons; doing so increases the score.

Gears Of War Judgment 3

Obtaining 40 stars unlocks the separate “Aftermath” campaign, which consists of one chapter and is a follow up to the Gears of War 3 campaign. Aftermath does not award stars or offer the harder setting seen in the Gears of War: Judgment campaign.

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Gears of war Judgment – Award Winning Game

Gears of War: Judgment received favorable reactions from critics, albeit less positive than its predecessors. Critics cited the game’s multiplayer mode, visuals and action as strengths, but criticized the single-player campaign’s narrative and length, as well as the game’s failure to innovate the series’ gameplay. It sold over 1 million copies.

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